CDI成立于1968年,是世界一流的扭力工具制造商之一。1998年,CDI公司获得ISO 9001国际质量体系认证。CDI保证,始终向用户提供最高品质的扭力测量工具和扭力检测仪器。

CDI 扭力产品成为美国军方选用最多的扭力检测维修装配品牌。                      

CDI was founded in 1968 and over the years has developed into a world class torque products manufacturing company. The  company earned its ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification in 1998, demonstrating a commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality torque measurement and torque limiting devices in the world. CDI joined the Snap-on family of companies in 1995. CDI is the primary supplier of torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers to the GSA (General Service Administration of the U.S. Government) since 1968. All CDI products are individually serialized and meet or exceed appropriate ASME and ISO standards.

CDI’s mechanical torque product lines include click type torque wrenches, dial indicating torque wrenches, torque limiting screwdrivers and a number of special application torque products.
CDI has long been a major innovator and leader in electronic torque measurement and torque calibration equipment. We manufacture more electronic torque wrenches than any other company and are a recognized leader in electronic
torque testing and calibration equipment.

We work with our customers to develop the tools they need to solve torque-related problems. CDI’s mission is to remain the world’s largest developer and supplier of quality torque tools, torque testing equipment and calibration services.

All CDI employees recognize the importance of our customers’ satisfaction with our products and services. We have a full time Product Development Team dedicated to develop and deliver innovative new torque products.
Thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve you.